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Looking up at the stars, you realize how big the universe is and how small our home planet is, how small you are. Looking at the stars places things in perspective.

If it’s not a night or if light pollution is blocking your sight. Use these tools to look at the stars:

Google Earth

Put sky map on in Google Earth Desktop or go to Google Sky on the web.

Sky Map
Sky Map

Get the sky map on your android phone.

Nasa World Wind

An alternative for Google Earth, with maps of the moon, mars and jupiter. Check Nasa WorldWind.


Where are the stars? See them on your desktop, in your webbrowser or on your phone.


Render space in 3D and really get an idea how big our universe is with Celestia and lot’s of add-ons on the Celestia Motherlode.

[featured image] Proxima Centauri is the nearest star from Planet Earth, just 4,24 light-years away from our Sun.

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